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Visiting Moscow Country Club, you will discover the first Russian Championship 18-hole Golf course (par 72, 6464 meters). 

The Golf course was designed by one of the best Golf architects Robert Trent Jones, Jr. "Golf course",-according to Jones, – "it was planned to make a traditional field like"parkland". The length of the field when playing with long ti allows it to hold tournaments of any level. The concept of the field is that players use the classic strategy, avoiding obstacles, located so as to increase the risk and reward accordingly. All this contributes to the excellent Golf, which is enjoyed not only by beginners, but also by experienced golfers of all ages and different levels of training." 

The Golf course is located in a dense Russian forest with huge firs, birches and songbirds. Various species of fish splashing in clean lakes around the 13th and 17th holes. A small river begins far outside the Golf club and runs from the 4th to the 8th hole, complementing the unforgettable, fascinating landscape.

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