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Guests of Moscow Country Club have an oppurtunity to see the unique sights located not far from our country club.
Arkhangelskoe estate

Arkhangelskoe estate

If you prefer to plunge in bewitching atmosphere of the ХIХ century strolling along the alleys of the park surrounding magnificent palace, Arkhangelskoe estate will definitely be to your liking.

In Prince Yusupov time the estate was one of the centers of the Moscow high life. Arkhangelskoe estate was visited by the Russian emperors, noblemen and well-known poets. Guests were fascinated by the estate to such an extent that a lot of lines in the Russian literature of the Golden Age were dedicated to it.
New Jerusalem Monastery

New Jerusalem Monastery

You can admire majestic Christian Orthodox churches and to get acquainted with the way of life of the ancient Russian village in the New Jerusalem Monastery founded in the XVII century by Patriarch Nikon. The Central Resurrection Cathedral built in the image and likeliness of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem impresses visitors most of all. According to Patriarch Nikon plan the monastery was supposed to become in future not only the residence of patriarchs near Moscow, but also a center of the Orthodox world. A unique museum of wooden architecture is located close to the monastery.