Post release "Final Swing" 2015


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05 October 2015

Traditionally on the first Saturday of October in Moscow Country Club was held the long awaited season closing tournament.
Post release "Final Swing" 2015
Before the start of the tournament has passed the General meeting of the MCC members.
At the meeting was the elections for the Board of Governors . According to the results of the vote were elected four new members of the Board. This year they were: Olga Nazarova, Jan Efferink, Konstantin Sokol and Rohit Vijayavargia.
The tournament format: greens, 2 people in the team (both players tee shot and choose the best ball player whose ball is chosen, makes the next pass, continue to play one ball alternately).
After the tournament in the golf restaurant was the solemn ceremonial opening and then in Club House parties waited for dinner, awards ceremony and entertainment
This year «Final Swing 2015» was in the style «Retro Cinema».
Dinner was accompanied by the music group "Madre Victoria" and "Your day", creating a pleasant and special atmosphere of festive mood throughout the evening.