Festive events in honor of the Day of Russia 12 June

Festive events in honor of the Day of Russia 12 June


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15 June 2017

On June 12, 2017 in honor of the Day of Russia, GlavUpDK hosted a celebratory reception for the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Russia in their branch - Moscow Country Club "Moscow Country Club".
The events were attended by ambassadors about 40 countries, representatives of the leadership of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Day of Russia personifies the unity and cohesion of the peoples of our great multinational country, its glorious history and the richest spiritual heritage, so for its guests the GlavUpDK has endeavored to prepare a festive program to better and deeper understand Russia, its original culture.

The event was opened with the presentation of the creative project of the artist-photographer Vladimir Chikin "Philosophy of Harmony. The ballet and the city." Guests were able not only to get acquainted with the exhibition, which has already traveled half the world, but also participate in the photo session with the participants of the project - ballerinas.

Opening the exhibition, the head of GlavUpDK, A. Isotov noted: "Russia is a country rich not only in territory and resources, but also in talented people. The works of Vladimir Chikin are a kind of symbol of the richest cultural potential of Russia, the undoubted possession of which is ballet. He does not leave anyone indifferent, regardless of age, nationality, religion. I think it will not be an exaggeration to say that ballet unites the world and opens the way to a dialogue between people."

Communicating with journalists, A. Isotov stressed that for GlavUpDK it is very important that for the representatives of the diplomatic corps our country become something more than just a "host country" - a place where they had a chance to work.

Participants of the reception noted that GlavUpDK is out of politics, and the events held here always symbolize friendship, unity and constructive dialogue between representatives of different countries.

Continuation of the holiday were bright performances of the Russian Cossack Choir and the ensemble "Voronezh Girls", and the integral attribute of Russian hospitality - traditional dishes of national cuisine.