Car washing


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"Moscow Country club" offers car washing services. You can take care of Your car while on vacation and not spending extra time. Our sink features:
  • high quality services;
  • the availability of experienced professionals and modern technology;
  • great service.
Wash the car, including washing car floor mats 420 rubles
Car wash type Jeep, minivan, minibus, including washing car floor mats 510 rubles
The cleaning of the cabin of the car with a vacuum cleaner, including the trunk of the car 210 rubles
Cleaning of the interior of the vehicle type Jeep, van, minibus with the use of a vacuum cleaner, including the trunk of the car 300 rubles
Car engine washing420 rubles
Purge door locks and mirrors after washing the vehicle with compressed air 30 rubles
Cleaning alloy wheels car special chemistry 125 rubles
Blacking rubber wheels and bumpers of cars 100 rubles
Cleaning plastic car interior 120 rubles
Cleaning car Windows on two sides special means for cleaning of glasses 150 rubles

Open on weekdays from 8.00 to 17.00.

Note: Complaints about non-working electrical equipment or alarms after washing the car engine and also missing from the car values will not be accepted.